For sale: 4 bedroom Eichler on SLP Dr.

Occasionally I find out about mid-century modern homes in the Sacramento region that are either for rent or for sale. I am not an agent nor am I affiliated with one. I am passing this information along as a public service to those who are interested and love MCM design and architecture as much as I do.

Fresh on the market today: a four bedroom, 2 bath large Eichler built in 1956 on South Land Park Drive. With a pool!

UPDATE 9.4.09 -- also for rent. See Craigslist listing.

If you need an agent you should contact Paloma Begin for further details regarding this home. Paloma has specialized in MCM homes here the the Sacramento region. Or you may find more information from the MLS listing here.

For additional information on other Sacramento region MCM's that are or have been for sale, check out Modern Valley.

Cool Sacramento MCM: Mahoroba Bakery

I've been watching a little Googie building being rehabilitated at 4900 Freeport Boulevard and am happy to report it has been transformed into a wonderful Japanese bakery! Open from 7:30AM to 7PM, according to a handwritten sign in their window. Of course I had to geek out for a moment on the mid-century aspects of the building, -- a small octagonal cutie with pinched pleat zig-zag roofing! It was originally a MacFarlane's Candies built in the mid-1960's.

Being the sophisticated foodies we are, my six year old and I skipped past the creamy and bean paste items and headed straight for the CHOCOLATE! Mahoroba serves "authentic Japanese baked goods, featuring our acclaimed freshly made 'Kobe cream delight'." They have both sweet and savory pastries, various breads, coffee drinks and bottled juices.

I got the "An pan man choco" and my son got the "Chocolate Hat." Both were absolutely delicious. Mine was still slightly warm. The pastry bread on the "An pan man choco" was soft and fresh and the chocolate filling was tasty. "The Chocolate Hat" was refrigerated and had crunchy chocolate on top. The pastry was crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Both were sweet but not cloyingly so.

We will be adding this to our once a week repertoire of fun places to go in the morning before school. I would love it if they offered fresh fruit salad but I realize this is a bakery and most bakeries do not offer this. We'll be back, definitely. My son would like to eat like this every day, of course!

For more reviews and food pictures, visit Mahoroba's review page on Yelp. For additional information regarding the business, this is an interesting article.

UPDATE 8.9.09: Additional pictures by the Sacramento Bee in this photo gallery here. According to the Bee: " Business owner Narusuke Monguchi chose Freeport Blvd., in Sacramento as his first USA location for his Japanese bakery Mahoroba"