Sacramento Eichler Homes Neighborhood in CA Modern!

Woohoo! Special thanks to Dave Weinstein and the Eichler Network for featuring our neighborhood in the latest issue of CA Modern!

Check it out - there are some great pix and quotes from folks in the neighborhood, including four wonderful households that recently participated in the Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour  this last June.

It's been a little over two years since I started this blog -- after we purchased Dr. H's wonderful home. I looked around and found very little about our neighborhood, Eichler Homes in Sacramento, or about mid-century modern architecture in our region. In my attempt to fill this void by researching our recent past, I've learned many interesting and exciting things.

If anyone out there has additional information that they'd like me to share here about the neighborhood or other goodies of note, drop me a line at the email address noted in the upper left hand corner.