The Big Daddy of all Eichler Home brochures

I just about flipped my wig when friends and Eichler Home owners Michael and Clyde called to tell me they were given the original marketing and homeowner materials from an original Sacramento Eichler Home owners' family. Due to the family's kindness and generosity, we can share and enjoy this piece of history. To date, from all of my research over the last two years, I have yet to see this elsewhere.

The original family owned two Sacramento Eichler Homes! When a home across the street from them became available, they moved in. The materials I've scanned and posted were from their original purchase.

First up -- a 66 page brochure which appears to have been developed for the Bay Area. It describes at length the design principles behind the making of Eichler Homes, as well as the details regarding the building of the homes from the ground up. It also includes what goes on in the planning of an Eichler Home neighborhood, the specific materials used, the companies involved, and available services and resources.

What a gem! Many thanks again to Michael and Clyde for passing this on to me for sharing -- and to the Michaels family for preserving and giving the materials to Michael and Clyde.

Stay tuned for additional posts regarding the rest of the materials.

Day is done where people are looking for a cozy place to relax and recharge

Just heard from local designer and friend Curtis Popp that our bed/bath remodel (he designed the space and cabinetry, we added the stuff) is in Interni and Decor, a Korean design magazine. An article is posted for subscribers but a glimpse of it can be seen under the section "Theme" in the pull down menu. Our remodel is the first item. Trying to get our hands on a hard copy; in the meantime, a screen shot:

My brother, Nick, kindly went to work using an online translation tool --
"We also express out to be a means of warm family space, and residential design (2010.5)

Day is done where people are looking for a cozy place to relax and recharge is necessary for, and have come up with a warm feeling like home and for someone that I do possess the first goal and as a means to financial technology. However, as the house itself, with space to another important meaning of thi ..."
 Sounds good to me!

From my other blog for the home tour but amusing: Scopitones-a-go-go!

We won't tell you everything that we have in store for you at the Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour -- but we'll share this little tidbit. Among the many treats will be a showing of Scopitone films at the Sacramento Executive Airport during tour registration.

Scopitones were a precursor to today's music videos -- a combination of a jukebox plus a screen upon which 16mm films were projected for viewing. Courtesy of Scott Moon we will be showing some films that were played on Scopitones back in the 60s.

Groovy, Baby!

More Zombie Hut!

Aloha! It's been a rough week so I'm going to imagine that I'm having some grog at the Zombie Hut. I've posted about this restaurant/lounge before here.

Enjoy this ad from 1968. Somebody needs to put it back, preferably within stumbling distance of our neighborhood.