Joe Eichler: The builder's builder

In July 1955, an Eichler Home -- similar (if not identical) in style to some of those built here in Sacramento -- graced the cover of House + Home magazine. Inside the magazine was an effusive article regarding the evolution of Eichler Homes over the last (then) eight years plus marketing strategies ("built-in merchandising") used by Eichler to sell them. Full scans of the article in its entirety are posted here on Flickr.

A floor plan identical to that of JE-85 (one of the Sacramento models -- see here for a brochure with more plans) by Jones and Emmons is featured in the article, as well as photos of other new design characteristics featured in our neighborhood. The article was written right after the Grand Opening of Eichler Homes here in South Land Park Hills and even mentions the practice of using the garage of the model as a showroom.

Special mention/credit: Associate Emiel Becsky worked with Jones and Emmons on their designs.

Also of interest is the number of homes originally planned for our subdivision: 142! As those of you who live here know, not all 142 were built. The reasons for this are likely a combination of economics as well as demand. At any rate, check out the whole article. You will undoubtedly see many familiar sights!

For a further look at Eichler Homes that preceded those in our neighborhood, see also an older article from American Builder, August 1952 scanned by SLP Hills neighbor Dane Henas.