Original Eichler Home Owner's Policy, circa 1955

I recently acquired an original "Eichler Home Owner's Service Policy" in the original vinyl case and wanted to share. The policy is dated November 19, 1955 -- same year our Eichler home was built!

The Eichler Home Owner's Policy states:
1. During the course of its construction, your Eichler Home has been given a number of very rigid inspections -- three by either the Veterans Administration or the Federal Housing Administration, five by local city building inspectors, continuous inspection and one final inspection by our own construction department. From the breaking of the ground to completion, every care has been taken to assure you top quality construction.

2. Minor defects or omissions may show up after you are in the house. Where the work is that of a subcontractor you will receive faster service by calling him directly. A list of the subcontractors is included in this kit. For other work write or call this office directly.

3. If you feel that there are any defects in your home due to improper workmanship or improper materials, please call us. If your requests are reasonable we will make the necessary corrections immediately.

4. A manual of suggestions on the care and maintenance of your home is given you with this Service Policy. It will help you to understand the minor adjustments to most newly constructed homes necessary in the first few months. It will aid you in the proper care of your home so that its value may be preserved for a long time.

5. This Home Owner's Service Policy is non-transferable. Any obligation under it terminates if the property is resold or shall cease to be occupied by the Home Owner to whom it is originally issued.

Another cool leaflet came with the Policy regarding the Eichler Homes Building Supply Company, located in Mountain View, CA. Apparently this was a "do-it-yourself headquarters" for Eichler Home owners.

The leaflet includes some of the products that were sold at Eichler Homes Building Supply Company.

For a closer look of the Policy and the Building Supply flyer, see my Eichler Homes Ephemera Flickr set.