Blast from the past -- 1958 + 1961 Eichler Ads: Cabot's Ranch House Hues

Last night I was talking with other Sacramento Eichler Home owners and the subject regarding original exterior and interior stain colors was discussed. That reminded me there is an interest among Eichler Home owners in knowing more about the products that were originally used on their homes. In this spirit, I'd like to share the following vintage ads I found:

From House + Home, March 1958, Page 7.

Cabot's Stains were a semi-solid, oil-based product used on Eichler Home exteriors. They are still manufactured today in many colors.

 From House + Home, March 1958, Page 7.

"Cabot's Ranch House Hues - endorsements from leading builders such as Mr. Eichler are your assurance that with any Cabot product you get the finest quality, greatest economy, and longest life.

Cabot's Ranch House Hues
* cost only 1/2 as  much as paint
* won't crack, peel or blister
* are easy to apply and maintain
* give years of protection
* can be used on all types of wood -- siding, shingles and trim
* need no thinning -- no priming
* need no sanding -- no scraping

Choose from 18 modern colors -- many exclusive with Cabot including Alcazar Brown, Mariposa Redwood, Mimosa Yellow, Spruce Blue."

From House + Home, February 1961, Page 151

The Eichler Home in the advertisement above is a rare custom home in San Mateo and was designed by Pietro Belluschi, AIA. For more information regarding this home, please visit a great article written by Meredith L. Clausen for CA-Modern by the Eichler Network.

For more information regarding paint colors for your Eichler Home, including reconstructed color palette charts, please read Tanja Kern's well-researched article for for CA-Modern by the Eichler Network.