Original Sacramento Eichler Home Building Permits

I was at The Center for Sacramento History yesterday trying to see what goodies I could find regarding our neighborhood. I wasn't sure exactly what they might have that would be relevant but did discover they had a cache of (mostly) original Eichler Home building permits (see more information at the bottom of this post).

 Holiday card available from The Center for Sacramento History
Putting up holiday decorations at 13th & K Sacramento 1956

The Center also had some interesting items that would make great holiday presents -- historic Sacramento maps, calendars, cards, and more -- all available at their store and at their Zazzle site. For example, they have a card of the 1956 13th & K scene above. They also sell local history books published on various Sacramento neighborhoods and subjects.

I also found a cool 45 rpm record called "The Sound of Young Sacramento" that they handed out for free at a previous event, now available for free ($5 mailing charge) from their store. This is a compilation of four tunes from Sacramento garage bands, "recorded in 1966 at the Franklin Boulevard Studios of the legendary Bill Rase." A larger compilation that can be found here. Groovy!

Sample permit I picked up for all South Land Park Hills Eichler Home neighbors 

Getting back to the building permits.... e-mail me if you want a copy of yours. For privacy reasons, I'm reluctant to post per usual on Flickr. No charge, I do this as a hobby.

I tried to identify all Eichler Homes in the neighborhood and will gladly send you a copy if one was to be found at the Center. I know of six existing Eichler Homes for which I could not find a permit. My email address can be found in the blog description on the upper left corner above. I also found some voided permits which demonstrate Eichler Homes intended to build an additional 16 homes all the way down South Land Park Drive to 13th Street.

Happy holidays from our house to yours!