Sacramento's sense of place

Can't wait to go to tonight's reception for Iconic Sacto with works by Andrew Patterson-Tutschka, Joe Santos, and Tom Spaulding.

The reception is at the SMUD Art Gallery from 4-6pm today, but you can still check out the show through October 8th.

The show celebrates Sacramento's unique sense of place through its built environment and signage. Per the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, the show:
"... features depictions of the essential Sacramento locations which shape our region's identity and history, and create a sense of place. From Spaulding's striking photographs of historic buildings and picturesque central valley locales, to Santos' arresting watercolors of neon signage, to Patterson-Tutschka's masterful plein air depictions of Sacramento street life and private interiors. ICONIC SACTO represents Sacramento from all sides reinforcing why this region holds such a unique appeal."
Here's a little bit more about the show and the artists.

I would like to see more efforts made to preserve our vintage signage, which is so important to Sacramento's identity. Some towns (I'm looking at you, West Sacramento) have even gone as far as wiping them out on purpose.

Thank goodness for these wonderful artists who are documenting our past before it is demolished. Let's go farther and preserve it, lest we wish to become McCity, Anywheresville.