Tiki Tuesday! The Tropics: a 1940s Sacramento nightclub

I sure could go for a fruity drink right now! Just this last week I finished the narrative for SacMod's official 501(c)(3) status and wrote the guide for SacMod's free self-guided walking tour featuring six mid-century modern commercial buildings in Midtown.

I'm just stopping the old blogeroo to share some tiki goodness with you in a segment I'm calling "Tiki Tuesday." I'll be talking about other classic Sacramento tiki spots in future posts.

First stop: An oldie, but goodie. The Tropics. 1019 1/2 Jay Street, Sacramento, California.

Unfortunately, I don't know who these happy people are; I do so love the couple dancing in the background!

According to Billboard magazine (October 9, 1943, page 21), the success of the Tropics was in part due to a larger phenomenon: "Soldiers Bring Prosperity to Sacramento Spots; Acts Profit"
"Sacramento, Oct 2 -- With soldiers from three neighboring fields -- Camp Kohler, McClellan, and Mather Field -- virtually taking the town over after dark, Sacramento night spots are flourishing and multiplying.... Tropics upstairs night spot, which opened the first of the year has ... augmented the orchestra. Gabriel Silveira leads a five-piece combo. Spot is owned by Yubi Separovich and Frank Radich."
In his article regarding Zombie Hut (I've shared my research findings about the legendary Zombie Hut here, here and here), Valcom News reporter Lance Armstrong stated that the Tropics nightclub "advertised itself as the 'Pacific Coast's most beautiful nightclub' with 'dancing, entertainment and tropical drinks'."

If the name Yubi Separovich sounds familiar to you, here's why; Mr. Saparovich is credited with saving Sacramento baseball in 1943 through a heroic last-ditch effort. He worked feverishly to keep the Sacramento Solons in town and later became their general manager. At various points in time Mr. Saparovich owned several other businesses in Sacramento, including a liquor store, carpet store, grocery store and an industrial loan company.

In a toast to The Tropics and in honor of Mr. Separovich and Mr. Radich, here's a classic, old-school tiki cocktail recipe: The Mai Tai.

 Mai Tai photo and recipe via Chow.com.

Cheers, and, Aloha!