Spirits of Xmas Past

While I'm toiling away in my workshop on other MCM posts, I thought I'd share some of my mid-century family holiday pictures. I realize it is rare for me to get personal here but 'tis the season!

My grandfather, 12.25.43

My grandmother took this picture of my grandfather
outside his Officer's Candidate School on Christmas Day, 1943.
He was an attorney in the Army during WWII.

My grandparents in Mexico, 12.6.44

My grandfather asked to be stationed in Los Angeles;
I believe they took a little vacation to Mexico near the holidays in 1944.
I was primarily raised by my grandparents and love this picture!

My mom, 12.25.51

My mom, Christmas Day, 1951. Living the Boomer childhood. Yippee Ki Yay!

Me, 1964

My early childhood wasn't documented that well, so I'm happy to
have these few photos to show you; especially the ones of my brother.

This is me, close to my first birthday.
Check out Santa's Mod chair and tree!

My brother and me, 1966

 My little brother and me, 1966. Sadly, this was his last Christmas.

My brother, 1966

He was a happy guy! Not quite 2 years old in this 1966 photo.
He was only 2.5 when he died (8 months after this picture was taken).

Hand-beaded Christmas tree made by my grandmother

In 1973, while I was away at camp, my grandmother made this
and surprised me with it later that year. She made beaded flowers
as a hobby. This took her weeks to make. A labor of love!
 She never admitted this but I know she was beginning
to lose her eyesight back then.

Detail, beaded tree

My favorite detail on the beaded tree: the candy canes!

My household now celebrates a different holiday this season but I still treasure these memories and special times. Hope you have fond memories of your holidays past.