Blast from the past -- Grand Opening of Eichlers in Sacramento!

Special thanks to pinetree on Flickr for posting two May 13, 1955 newspaper ads in the Sacramento Bee for the grand opening of Eichler Homes for sale in Sacramento.

For direct scans from microfilm, go here and here.

"Now, the news you've been waiting for... Eichler Homes comes to Sacramento... in lovely South Land Park Hills. Grand Opening this weekend!

3 and 4 bedrooms plus large all-purpose room. 2 baths. 2 car garage. $17,750 to $21,000. As low as $500 down to Vets. From $2650 down on FHA terms.

America's most honored builder proudly invites you to visit the newest Eichler Homes. . . this weekend in South Land Park Hills. See the latest designs of the famous architect team of A. Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons. See the famous "custom" extras that are standard in Eichler Homes: air cooling, cork tile floors, Philippine mahogany wood paneling, engineered radiant heating, built-in G.E. clothes washer/dryer, Waste King garbage disposer, built-in Thermador oven with range, oversized 2 car garage, extra room, closets with built in chests..."

"Smartest looking home we've ever lived in. . .and our new Eichler Home is so easy to take care of, too! -- says Mrs. Russell Illig, Eichler Home owner in Palo Alto, California.

We never realized what a difference good design can make in your living 'till we moved into an Eichler home. Its clean, simple lines not only set off our furniture and decorations beautifully -- they make housekeeping so much easier than in conventional homes.

The modern way to live! Like Mrs. Illig discovered, Eichler Homes are truly years ahead of other homes -- in design, in durability, in luxury features. They have an exciting, glamorous, contemporary look -- inside and out. And every detail has been carefully planned to contribute to your convenience, your comfort, and your pride in ownership.

Eichler homes -- the growth of an idea...

Ten years ago an architect-designed contemporary home was beyond the reach of most families. Eichler Homes believed that by using modern production methods -- large scale purchasing of materials and volume construction -- it could produce the latest and finest in homes, designed by America's leading architects, at a price within the reach of the discriminating buyer.

Today, Eichler Homes are regarded as the leaders in the home building field. Eichler Homes have been featured in articles and stories in America's leading magazines and newspapers time and time again. They have won more awards and citations of merit than any other homes in America.

More important, they have brought a new and better way of life to more than 2500 families in Northern California. Knock on the door of any Eichler Home. Ask the owner how he and his family feel about their home. We feel sure his answer will make you want to join the hundreds of successful young businessmen, professional men, artists, writers, and their families in experiencing a new, rewarding way of life in Eichler Homes. See you this weekend!"