Moving in day: The Kaleidoscope House

Our 5.5 year old daughter was finally able to use the doll house that was a gift from her Aunt M and Uncles J & M when she was born. We've been stowing this away in the basement waiting until she was old enough. Last weekend, Auntie M, armed with patience and persistence, drove 2 hours from San Francisco to assemble this fantastic dollhouse.

The Bozart Kaleidoscope House was the collaborative design effort of husband/wife/parents: artist Laurie Simmons and architect Peter Wheelwright. You can read more about this dollhouse in an October 8, 2000 NY Times article.

Per the insert literature that came with the home, the designers wrote: "The Kaleidoscope House came out of our shared interests in domesticity and in particular the changing practices of home and family. Our individual work in photography and architecture has focused on these issues...."

Our daughter clearly loves playing with the house and at this point doesn't care that it is loaded with furniture and designs from the likes of Karim Rashid, Jasper Morrison, Ron Arad, Dakota Jackson and others. What I love is the way the light from colored panels interact with each other and that it's fun.
The house has since become unavailable (Auntie M did know best to buy it 5.5 years ago). However, there have since been several other great modern dollhouses produced. You can find out more about them via a post by The WebUrbanist.