PLEASE VOTE for the Sacramento Zoo Entrance in Dwell Magazine's "Rethinking Preservation" contest

SacMod needs your help voting for the preservation of the Entrance to the Sacramento Zoo in a contest! The contest, "Rethinking Preservation," is sponsored by Dwell magazine and Sub-Zero.

Over 100 worthy entries are posted for popular vote from February 6 through February 20, 2012. A panel of judges will select the winner from the top ten entries that receive the most popular votes.

You may recall I've talked about the hyperbolic paraboloid structures at the Sacramento Zoo entrance before. Last December I also posted about SacMod's support of a survey and report by architectural consultants that the Zoo entrance structures "meet the National Register, California Register, and Sacramento Register evaluation criteria...."

The Entrance to the Sacramento Zoo is the only contest entry from Sacramento - please spread the word. Let's work together to ensure more generations can enjoy this historic mid-20th century landmark. Let's help the Zoo embrace the future without losing its past.

Please vote as often and as much as you would like through the voting period. If you're on Facebook, please "Like" the page as well. Thank you for your support!

Found slide of a flamingo at the Sacramento Zoo circa 1955 from my collection