SacMod's 2011 commercial building tour posted on Historypin

Thanks to my pal, Amanda B., I was able to easily and quickly post SacMod's 2011 self-guided commercial building tour online on Historypin.

Historypin is a site for posting historic photographs using Google Maps as a base. You can also write additional information about these images and organize them into tours and collections. Historypin is free to use, both as a visitor and user. There is also a free smartphone app that supports iPhones and Android smartphones. I tested it on my iPhone and it worked perfectly (though many more features currently exist on the site versus the app). Historypin's developers are working on adding new features for next year.

The possibilities are endless for historians, architectural buffs, archivists, and anyone who loves vintage images. This is only the beginning; can't wait to add more from SacMod's other tours!