The Big Daddy of all Eichler Home brochures

I just about flipped my wig when friends and Eichler Home owners Michael and Clyde called to tell me they were given the original marketing and homeowner materials from an original Sacramento Eichler Home owners' family. Due to the family's kindness and generosity, we can share and enjoy this piece of history. To date, from all of my research over the last two years, I have yet to see this elsewhere.

The original family owned two Sacramento Eichler Homes! When a home across the street from them became available, they moved in. The materials I've scanned and posted were from their original purchase.

First up -- a 66 page brochure which appears to have been developed for the Bay Area. It describes at length the design principles behind the making of Eichler Homes, as well as the details regarding the building of the homes from the ground up. It also includes what goes on in the planning of an Eichler Home neighborhood, the specific materials used, the companies involved, and available services and resources.

What a gem! Many thanks again to Michael and Clyde for passing this on to me for sharing -- and to the Michaels family for preserving and giving the materials to Michael and Clyde.

Stay tuned for additional posts regarding the rest of the materials.