There's something afoot at the South Hills Shopping Center

I posted a while back regarding the old Neptune's Table spot in the South Hills Shopping Center. Recently, neighbors have noticed some activity at this spot.

The result? A new paint job that matches the rest of the center and a missing vintage dining sign. I'm missing the sign, of course.

In other shopping center news, the lease for the 95822 USPS is reportedly due to expire this fall. Neighbors have put in their .02 on the matter and want the post office to stay. If you wish to voice your concerns you may write letters to Congresswoman Doris Matsui, Councilman Rob Fong and speak to post office management on your next visit.

By the way, the original center was designed by William Koblik in 1960.

Once there is an official stance available regarding the outcome of either of these buildings I will post. Stay tuned!