Sacramento's Blomberg Homes in CA Modern Magazine

The Eichler Network featured a story on Blomberg homes in their Winter 2012 issue of CA Modern magazine written by Dave Weinstein. A heartfelt thanks to them for covering this important piece of Sacramento mid-20th century modern history!

Check out the article on their website: "Built to Blast: Friendly fallout of the Cold War, Blomberg’s ‘bomb-resistant’ concrete homes represent a colorful chapter of mid-century modern Sacramento"

Over the years I have gathered vintage ads and information about Blomberg Builders - a mid 20th century Sacramento builder and building materials supplier. Gustaf C. Blomberg was a builder and developer in Sacramento -- after pioneering the development of concrete masonry construction. He worked for the Basalt Rock Co. in Napa in the mid-1930s and helped develop Basalite, a lightweight concrete block. These blocks (still available today) were used a great deal in construction during the 1950s through the 1970s. Marketed advantages of using Basalite blocks included durability, sound control, low cost, low maintenance, relative light weight, ease of installation, and uniform size and density.

Some of my research for SacMod was shared with CA Modern Magazine for the above article. If you want to see more Blomberg Homes ephemera and photos from SacMod's research library, see my Flickr set. A photo slide show of this set is shown above.

The Blomberg family still owns and operates Blomberg Window Systems. Jerry Blomberg ventured on his own and developed another company: Sunoptics.

Cheers to the Blomberg family -- their industrious and innovative spirit has helped shape our neighborhood and city!