Mod Menorahs and Designer Dreidels

We almost burned down the house with my daughter's handmade menorah last night. May I suggest that wood is not a good material? Which brings me to a post I've had on my mind for weeks; you didn't think I was just going to talk about Christmas, did you?

Turns out many others have beaten me to it and have done a great job too -- here are a few:

The Invisible Agent did a spectacular post on Mid-Century Modern Menorahs. Go. Visit. Enjoy. (Thanks Amy!)

I looked around on Etsy and found this lovely spage-agey one. Love it! And it's sold, darn it:

Looking for something newer? DesignMilk has some beauties to share:

And Whorange weighs in as well:

I also ran across some really nice dreidels. Here's one available by Nambé, designed by Marilyn Davidson:

And here are some by a nice Jewish boy named Jonathan Adler:

This one's for you who fling your latkes in the air some time; saying Aaay-Oh; spin the dreidel (thanks Jason!):

Have Yourself a Merry Mid-Century Christmas

While running around town I've noticed some great vintage and retro Christmas items. Here are a few that caught my eye recently:

Jingle/East Sac Florist has a wonderful mid-20th century display in their store. They had several beautiful themed trees as well, including a Dia de Los Muertos tree!

If you are looking for vintage decorations I noticed that 57th Street Antique Mall has them flying in and out on a daily basis. Tomorrow is a good time to visit; they are having a winter sale. Thanks to Mimomito for the intel! Here's what I found at 57th Street the other day:

This post was inspired by a friend who is creating a 1950s-1960s Kitschmas this year. Anyone out there have an amazing mid-century Christmas display to share?