Sacramento Eichler remodel featured in Inside the City, December 2008 issue

Here is an example of an Eichler in our neighborhood that was recently gutted and remodeled.

The couple did not know of the home's Eichler heritage when they purchased it. They were living in another modern home and wanted to downsize. Per the article:

"They gutted the house down to the original wood walls and followed a methodical plan that incorporated equal parts of practicality and philosophy. During the process, they discovered the original quality construction. The wood walls were perfect—just like the day they were put up... The pair wrote blessings, sayings and prayers on 4-by-6 cards, which they tacked to the 2-by-4s before the new Sheetrock went up."
You can read the entire article (pages 18, 21, and 23) of Inside the City, December 2008 issue here (pdf format - download "City_Dec_08 Web.pdf")