I found Waldo!

In my quest for grasscloth to refresh our original closet doors, Waldo Bowers came through with four sample books that they kindly let me take home and study. While I could have purchased grasscloth online, I wanted to see the color and texture firsthand as well as patronize a local retailer. I had tried hunting it down at several local stores here in Sacramento, even a store that specializes in environmentally friendly products. Then I remembered Waldo Bowers, an old-school floor and wall coverings specialty store.

I wound up choosing from Pacific Designs International's Han Ban Do IX book, Pattern HBD 9045. This grasscloth is handcrafted out of tightweave all-natural jute fibers and is environmentally friendly.

The above is the final result of my quest, expertly installed by John DiDomenico (see more regarding John here).

Speaking of which, Waldo Bowers carries several environmentally friendly products that would look great in any Eichler or mid-century modern home: Marmoleum, Ionique, bamboo, cork and natural wood floors. They also have an impressive variety of vinyl composition tile from several manufacturers.

The official store entrance is on the 24th Street side, but in case you get lost, the regulars at The Jointed Cue pool hall next door on the Fruitridge side will set you straight!