Carter Sparks + Streng Bros. Homes = "Solution for contemporary living in the Sacramento Valley"

Streng Bros. Homes brochure, circa 1976

I was finally able to view and scan a primary source from 1976 regarding where Streng Bros. Homes were located in the Sacramento Valley. I've posted about this before, but wanted to share this brochure because it has shows specific home plans and specific neighborhoods. Absent in this group are the Streng Bros. Homes in Elk Grove and Natomas.

The homes listed in the brochure were designed by Carter Sparks, who stated:
"These homes express my solution for contemporary living in the Sacramento Valley. I have included broad overhanging eaves for shade, and open planning to create an easy flow between interior and exterior spaces. The use of natural materials unifies the homes with their surroundings. When these elements are combined, they form a pleasant blend of function and beauty that results in a better home in which to live."

According to the brochure, Streng Bros. Homes were built in the following locations:

Sacramento, North Area: Autumn Hill, Barrett Hills, Bellwood Heights, Clearfield, Cordova Meadows Estates, Crestridge Estates, Del Dayo Estates, Del Norte Oaks, Eastridge, Glen Oaks, Greenridge Heights, Homewood, Northridge Oaks, Oak Creek Estates, Overbrook, River College Square, Riverside Bluffs, Shelfield Estates, Shelfield Oaks, Sierra Oaks, Sierra Oaks Vista, Walnut View Estates, Wildflower, Whitney Woods, Wilhaggin.

Sacramento, South Area: Lake Greenhaven Shores, South Land Park Hills, South Land Park Riviera, Greenhaven '70, Riverside Estates, Noonan South Land Park Terrace, South Land Park Village.

Folsom Lake Area: Lake Natoma Heights, Lakewood, Hidden Valley, Lakeview Estates, Valley Pines, Arden Bluff.

Davis: Willowbank, Oakside, Elmwood, Westwood, Norwood, University Farms, Andersen Place, El Macero C.C. Estates.

Woodland: Walnut Manor, Gibson Estates.


Hope this helps in your searches for these wonderful homes. See my previous post for additional details and suggestions.