Chair-y Christmas!

Here's a 1948 advertisement for Eames' iconic LCW, LCM, DCW and DCM - available back in the day in Sacramento at Breuner's.

From the Sacramento Bee, October 27, 1948, Page 9:
"Breuner's Decorator Galleries Presents the Eame's (sic) Chair from the Herman Miller Collection - the most widely publicized and used chair in the entire field of Modern Design. So comfortable as an occasional chair in the living room. So comfortable for the conversation group or cocktail hour. So comfortable as side chairs in the dining room. So comfortable for pull-up chairs at long bridge sessions."

Adjusting for inflation (I used the CPI Inflation Calculator):
Dining chair, metal legs and low chair, metal legs, in 2010 dollars = $385.69
Dining chair, wood legs and low chair, wood legs, in 2010 dollars = $407.93

These chairs were originally available to the public in 1946 and are still available to this day. (A bit more pricey, even adjusting for inflation). For further information on the history of these chairs, more here.