The Tiki Gods Approve

Last month during the kids' winter break, we ran away to Maui and stayed at the delightful Ka'anapali Beach Hotel. As you may know after reading my blog for a while, I am all about tikis (we have several in our backyard); I've been looking for the chance to add to our collection.

For a little background about tikis in Hawaiian history, visit Mythic Hawaii and Ancient Huna.

The tiki gods must have been smiling on us; on our last day, we met master third generation tiki carver, Funaki Tupou. We were so glad to meet him and see his incredible work.

He uses wood from the Monkey Pod Tree and his tiki carvings incorporate ancient Hawaiian symbols. The tiki above with the extended tongue is a warrior. He found a nice home with a family from the MidWest.

We were enchanted by the pair below.  Our son liked the warrior; our daughter, who loves turtles, liked the smiling one. She had just swam with a Green sea turtle in the ocean the previous day. The turtle symbolizes long life and good luck.

Can't wait for them to arrive! Just so happens he visits Sacramento periodically and we will likely order more. We really love his work and are pleased to be purchasing his art directly from him.