Atomic Ranch 2012 Calendar Features Two Sacramento MCM Homes!

Just in case you didn't get the calendar you wanted during the holidays, here's one I know you'll like.
Our friends from Atomic Ranch Magazine (AR) are offering this calendar, which features two homes from Sacramento - both of which were on Sacramento Modern's (SacMod's) 2010 Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming 2012 AR issues, which will be highlighting three homes from SacMod's 2010 tour in separate issues!

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SacMod was formed to educate and promote understanding and appreciation of mid-20th century modern art, architecture and design in the greater Sacramento, California region. SacMod has been accomplishing its goals through events, research, and development of educational materials and information resources. Run exclusively by volunteers, SacMod has coordinated large scale events such as the 2010 Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour, film screenings, and has provided education, technical assistance, and research findings to students, local and regional organizations, architects, designers, architectural historians, as well as local and national media.

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