Streng Home Neighborhood Round-up



The question of where Streng Homes are located pops up enough that I decided do a round-up of Streng neighborhoods. As I understand it, Streng Brothers homes throughout the Sacramento region were designed by Carter Sparks. Occasionally I have encountered a custom-built Streng home, but I'm only going to talk about Streng neighborhoods in this post.

Here are some great Streng Home resources:

1) The Eichler Network has posted a great article by Dave Weinstein regarding the Streng Bros. which provides a comprehensive look at the history and scope of their work. Poke around the Network's site as they have a great deal of information regarding Streng neighborhoods.

2) Steve Streng has a real estate website full of interesting and important Streng Home information, including floor plans. He also lists many Streng Homes for resale in our area. Don't miss his site if you have an interest in Streng Bros. homes.

A more legible version of the Streng Carmichael neighborhoods map below (click to go to larger version), courtesy Modern Valley:

3) The Beam Guy also has a great deal of Streng Home information on his site and lists the following neighborhood areas: "Davis, Woodland, Elk Grove, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Natomas, etc. Several of the more well known include River City Commons, Evergreen Commons, Shelfield Oaks, Willhagin Estates, Williamson Ranch, and South Overbrook."

4) Click on each of the highlighted links in item #3 above for more neighborhood-specific information online.

5) For some great pictures of Streng Homes in our region, I also suggest you check out the pictures posted by the Streng Bros. Flickr group.

6) Last but certainly not least, for an overview of post + beam construction homes including Streng Bros. homes and Carter Sparks custom homes, I recommend visiting an excellent local site, Modern Valley, by JW, our in-town expert on Streng and Sparks homes. For a truly in-depth look at custom homes specifically designed by Carter Sparks, visit Modern Valley's Informal Archive.