Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Part I

We currently live up the hill from our Eichler in another mid-century modern home. Every day our kids beg for us to move into the Eichler, which is indeed tempting and will likely happen at some point in the future.

But for now, we live in our 1961 half-Jetsons, half-Flintstones custom ranch designed by Sacramento architects Rickey and Brooks. We have been renovating it since 2000 and are making slow but steady progress.

I entered some pictures of areas we have renovated into Rejuvenation's "Make Your Home Your Own" contest Please cast your vote if you like my entry and thanks for stopping by :)

Update: Congrats to Morgan from The Brick House for winning the contest! Morgan is another MCM fan and featured a post about our found slides at the Eichler. Always nice to see fellow MCM fans!