My grandparents, 1951

This week marks the one-year anniversary of our falling in love with our Eichler Home. I still remember the first time I walked into the middle of the estate sale and being overwhelmed with how wonderful it was. I only bought a $2 vase that day but the house haunted me and we made an offer on it a couple of days later.

This week also marks a sadder anniversary -- two years since my sweet grandmother passed away on November 1st. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (one of my grandmother's favorites too) but when I light the pumpkin candles I now also light at yahrzeit candle in her memory.

My grandmother and me, 1965

My grandmother primarily raised me and made my childhood happier; we were very close. She and I shared many Halloweens together. She always made it a point to put together a special treat for the neighborhood children. This tradition continues at our house.

Hope all of you have a very happy Halloween!