The Journey from Restoring One Eichler Home to Preserving Modernism in Sacramento


When I started this blog in 2008,  it was a journey about restoring one Eichler home in Sacramento. I did my research and soon discovered there are so many great mid-century and modern resources to celebrate in our region.

My outlook widened and I co-founded Sacramento Modern (aka SacMod) with like-minded neighbors. We started the Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour and branched into other events.

SacMod — a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting modern art, architecture and design — is now involved in full-blown preservation efforts in Sacramento. Additionally, I am now honored to be a member of the California State Historical Resources Commission's Modernism Committee.

It all started with this blog — but it has grown into something much bigger. The magnitude of what it takes to fight for a resource, whether it be art, design or architecture, was not originally apparent to me. But I know what's worth fighting for and am willing to receive both praise and a black eye for it!

If you came here for information about Eichler homes in Sacramento, poke around! I pass along this torch to our lovely Sacto Eichlerhood neighbors at fogmodern. They are also documenting their journey restoring their beautiful home.

If you are interested in more information about Streng Bros. Homes, check out my posts of yore. But for information about homes and buildings designed by architect Carter Sparks, I highly recommend the wonderfully curated Carter Sparks Archive, by SacMod board member Justin Wood.

If you are interested in mid-century modern (MCM) in the Sacramento region, check out for our events and for intel on our next tour. Everyday fun stuff gets posted on SacMod's Facebook page and Twitter, including exemplary or otherwise interesting places for sale.

See you 'round our awesome, diverse city. Preservation and progress can happen at the same time! Come visit us over at SacMod - we will try to answer any questions about MCM in Sacramento you have.