CA Modern Magazine Writer Wants to Meet Sacramento Eichler Neighbors

Sacramento Eichler neighbors should be familiar with CA Modern Magazine which arrives to our mailboxes on a quarterly basis. If you aren't familiar, CA Modern Magazine is:
".... the full-color publication of the Eichler Network. Its content is aimed at mid-century modern homeowners and enthusiasts throughout California, with an emphasis on Eichler homes, Streng homes, Cliff May Ranchos, and Palm Springs classics. Its content focuses on home maintenance features, solutions, and furnishings for modern homes; profiles on special California neighborhoods; breaking news; and much more."
Dave Weinstein from CA Modern Magazine will be working on an article about our neighborhood and will be in town this coming September 26th and 27th. He would like to meet with interested neighbors about our homes, the neighborhood, and our sense of community.

Please contact me if you would like to participate -- atomicpear [at] comcast [dot] net