Up on the roof

Anyone who owns a home knows (and particularly those of us who own quirky flat topped homes) that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We recently have been busy taking preventative measures to protect our investment. Our first Big Project was making sure our roof wouldn't leak. This is an ongoing vigilant matter with Eichler owners.

Local roofer Hugh Barnes from The Roof Repair Company assessed our roof, came in with some proactive minor repairs and also kindly cleaned our roof and gutters in the process. He resealed all the items on the roof that had penetration flashing with modified mastic and granules, repainted all flashings with aluminum colored paint, and worked on an area that needed repair over our garage. All areas with edges were resealed as well as all areas that were suspect for future leaks. We also invested in a two year roof certification so that in the event the roof leaks he would repair it.

I found Hugh and his coworker easy to work with, professional, and competitively priced. They were also very happy to make sure my clumsy butt didn't fall off the roof when I went up to take pictures.

Hopefully we won't be needing to make use of our roof certification but if we do, I will report back regarding the outcome. You may reach Mr. Barnes at 916.643.3605.