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Ever feel like this?

I have to say, that home tour wore me out a bit. Been getting lots of inquiries about Sacramento Modern (SacMod), our new non-profit dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting modern art, architecture and design in the Sacramento region. We're also quite busy preparing to meet with some state preservationists this coming week. Despite the fatigue, still thinking up new ways to entertain and educate people around here. This is the best non-paying job EVER!

And now, back to more *stuff*:

Original letter to new Eichler Home owners in Sacramento

Say hello to a letter personally signed by Joseph Eichler to the Michaels family when they purchased their Sacramento Eichler Home. You may recall they also shared a huge brochure with us recently.

I think my favorite part is the page with the signature - because on the back of it Mrs. Michaels scribbled some notes to herself about babysitters and replacement glass. As a mom I can appreciate this.

See the other pages in that Flickr set for the rest of the letter, which speaks to the level of pride and concern Joseph Eichler had in his product. The letter accompanied other materials and manuals that helped Eichler Home owners care for their investment. These items came in a vinyl trifold case -- see another example here, from a previous post.

Happy weekend everyone!