Some interesting + cool Eichler ephemera

Via (link now defunct), found some interesting and useful copies of old paperwork for Eichler homes.

My favorite among the posts is the "Eichler Checklist" (pdf) -- a sales brochure for various Bay Area neighborhoods. It lists "special features" and the various brand name materials used in Eichler homes.

This site also includes a terrific schematic of Racon radiant heat systems which were installed by Arro Company.

You can find several sales brochures, such as this one: "Enter the Wonderful World of Eichler" (created for the Fairglen Tract). Love the graphics!

Also on this website, there are also copies of old magazine articles regarding Eichler homes from the late 50's.

Another awesome find: a charming 1956 Thermador oven and range brochure -- with specifications!