For sale: 4 bedroom Eichler on SLP Dr.

Occasionally I find out about mid-century modern homes in the Sacramento region that are either for rent or for sale. I am not an agent nor am I affiliated with one. I am passing this information along as a public service to those who are interested and love MCM design and architecture as much as I do.

Fresh on the market today: a four bedroom, 2 bath large Eichler built in 1956 on South Land Park Drive. With a pool!

UPDATE 9.4.09 -- also for rent. See Craigslist listing.

If you need an agent you should contact Paloma Begin for further details regarding this home. Paloma has specialized in MCM homes here the the Sacramento region. Or you may find more information from the MLS listing here.

For additional information on other Sacramento region MCM's that are or have been for sale, check out Modern Valley.


The Central Scrutinizer said...

Clearly I need to win the lottery!! What a great house!

Gretchen said...

A friend was telling me it was open last weekend for viewing. I'm very curious and want to see it in person!