Cool Sacramento MCM: Shepard Garden & Arts Center

I finally made it to the Iva Gard Shepard Garden & Arts Center in McKinley Park for a bromeliad show and sale this last weekend. I've been admiring this building's exterior for years. What an amazing and grand mid-century building! And boy, does it stick out in a neighborhood mostly known for popular style architecture from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.

The dramatic roof line is an A-line attached to a butterfly -- I've never seen another building quite like it. Built in 1958 by the City of Sacramento and designed by Raymond R. Franceschi, the Center utilizes mid-century materials with flair and exuberance. My favorite is the two-sided fireplace made of flagstone and terrazzo, with a glass mosaic on one side and a huge copper vent on the other.

The schedule for the Center stated that they are redoing the floors; I sure hope they keep the existing design and colors. See my Flickr set for additional pictures of this remarkable building.

For further scheduled events at the Center, check here.

Of special note: On July 29th at 6:30pm there will be a documentary by Sacramento filmmaker Robert Lee Grant premiered at the Center: "Nourishing the Kids of Katrina" Click link for additional details.


girlplusdog said...

I want to say Raymond R. Franceschi was one of the architects in a firm that designed the visitor's center at Oroville SRA. But its been a long time since I did that research and I may have gotten it wrong.

Gretchen said...

Thanks and good to know! I'll have to look that one up too. I think I ran across some intel that he also designed some buildings at UC Davis and I was going to go try to check them out some time.