Life at Dreyfuss & Blackford in 2011

I'm so happy to be sharing a fun video recently posted by Jason A. Silva et al. of Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects. It's a glimpse into their life and work at D&B in the present -- with a nod to their past, of course. Their firm put this together for an open house event with AIACV. Love this!

2011 Dreyfuss & Blackford Life from Jason A. Silva, AIA on Vimeo.

You can keep up with their current and future work by checking out Jason's other Vimeo postsDreyfuss & Blackford's Flickr photostream and website.

I've posted before about the work of Dreyfuss & Blackford in three separate posts (see 1 2 3). There is still so much to say about this Sacramento architectural firm who has been going strong for over 60 years!


undercover caterer said...

What a great video! I loved every second of it. It was great fun to see all the familiar buildings that I love around town...saying to myself "I love that one!" "and that one!"...."OH and that one!"

Gretchen said...

Some time I'll have to show you the rest of that vintage brochure. D&B did a ton of buildings in town and elsewhere in No Cal.