Mod Menorahs and Designer Dreidels

We almost burned down the house with my daughter's handmade menorah last night. May I suggest that wood is not a good material? Which brings me to a post I've had on my mind for weeks; you didn't think I was just going to talk about Christmas, did you?

Turns out many others have beaten me to it and have done a great job too -- here are a few:

The Invisible Agent did a spectacular post on Mid-Century Modern Menorahs. Go. Visit. Enjoy. (Thanks Amy!)

I looked around on Etsy and found this lovely spage-agey one. Love it! And it's sold, darn it:

Looking for something newer? DesignMilk has some beauties to share:

And Whorange weighs in as well:

I also ran across some really nice dreidels. Here's one available by Nambé, designed by Marilyn Davidson:

And here are some by a nice Jewish boy named Jonathan Adler:

This one's for you who fling your latkes in the air some time; saying Aaay-Oh; spin the dreidel (thanks Jason!):


SacEichler said...

I love Menorahs! Is it okay to have them and burn candles in them if one is not Jewish?

Gretchen said...

Here are some rules about lighting the menorah. I'm sure there are a thousand answers to this question! I'll ask around but in the meantime:

Gretchen said...

I haven't found anything so far that disallows anyone from lighting a menorah to celebrate religious freedom....

SacEichler said...

I agree! I've always wanted one and I've seen so many cool vintage ones on eBay.