Microfilm fishing: Streng Ad, 1961

I've been doing a ton of research these days in preparation for the upcoming Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour. Not much time to post; there are three of us working non-stop to bring you the tour and kick off our non-profit association, Sacramento Modern -- to promote, preserve and protect mid-century architecture, art and design in the Sacramento region.

So, I'll be dropping a few cool finds here and there. First up: a May 7, 1961 Streng Homes ad from the Sacramento Bee.

"Contemporary Architecture... 'The Classic' by Carter Sparks, Architect"

More soon!


Jeremy Burlingame said...

Steve Streng still lives in Sacramento and is a realtor.

Gretchen said...

Thanks Jeremy! I mentioned him in a previous post that was sort of a round-up of Streng Homes :)