Blast from the past -- 1955 Arcadia Sliding Glass Doors/Eichler Homes Ad

House + Home, April 1955, Page 258.
"Joseph L. Eichler and his prize-winning architects, Jones and Emmons, A.I.A., know the important points of difference between Arcadia and other sliding glass doors.

That's why they specify Arcadia exclusively for Eichler Homes. For even a single point of difference may pay off with added profits on your present project. Spend five minutes with Arcadia's 1955 catalog -- and see!

There's more to Arcadia sliding glass doors than meets the eye!"
I can attest our original Arcadia doors are still operating beautifully in our 1955 Eichler Home here in Sacramento!


SacEichler said...

Mine are still working as well! AND the screen doors are intact. Just the other day, we accidently drove by the Arcadia office over on Del Monte off of Harbor. Their logo is still the same!

Gretchen said...

That's good news for our neighborhood, SacEichler! I looked on their website and apparently the West Sacramento site is one of their manufacturing facilities. I love that logo; glad they kept it.