Cool Sacramento MCM: Googie Around Town

Hollywood Hardware on Freeport Boulevard near Fruitridge

US Post Office 95822 on South Land Park Drive near 35th Avenue
Designed by William Koblik

Vic's IGA Market on South Land Park Drive near 35th Avenue
Designed by Sooky Lee

Pancake Circus at Broadway and 21st Street
Designed by Sooky Lee

I was going to put together a post on some of the wonderful Googie architecture here in town. I've covered this topic regarding a few of Googie structures in the neighborhood here and here.

Then I remembered the terrific photographs by Tom Spaulding that I'd seen on Flickr that include all sorts of wonderful neon, signage, historical buildings and architectural elements from the 20th century in our area. Many of which have, tragically, been knocked down.

It was through looking at these photos that led me to his excellent and well-researched blog post from earlier this year regarding Sacramento Googie.


And for more great pictures of Googie architecture, visit the Googie group on Flickr.


Tikimama said...

Love these shots (love Googie)! My favorite is Pancake Circus - man, I would eat there every day for the name alone, never mind the fantastic sign!

Gretchen said...

Thanks Tikimama! Pancake Circus is indeed an institution. Kinda like the diner scene where they took everyone's wallet in Pulp Fiction.