Cool poster!

An "Obey the Eichler" poster from Crestview Doors via Tikimama of Atomic Tea Party totally cracked me up today!

The poster is part of Crestview Doors' Save Your Neighborhood Campaign: "... an effort on behalf of Crestview Doors to promote awareness of mid-century modern residential architecture and to support efforts to preserve, protect or reinvent it."

I've been meeting more of the neighbors this last week and several of them have mentioned how much they love the original intent and architecture of the Eichlers in the neighborhood.


tikimama said...

I just came to check out your blog from the comments on Retro Renovation, and imagine my surprise when I see myself mentioned in the latest entry!

I've been through lots of your posts, and your Flickr house photos - love everything! I'll be checking back in often. I grew up in Orange, CA, and always admired the Eichlers from afar.

Gretchen said...

Aloha, tikimama -- I was going to drop you a line yesterday but you beat me to it. Love your blog and look forward to hearing more about your neighborhood :)