Original owners, Dr. & Mrs. H.

I thought I'd raise a toast to Dr. and Mrs. H., the original owners of our Eichler. Though we never had the honor of meeting them, a few photographs were left behind. They were avid travelers, art collectors and intellectuals with impeccable taste. Dr. H. was a Urologist at UC Davis Medical Center and was also an amateur photographer. They were well liked in the neighborhood. I'll post more as I learn more about them.


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Michelle said...

This is so cool, Gretchen. Congratulations on the house purchase, and where did you locate the photos? When friends purchased their house in downtown Sacramento over ten years ago, they stumbled upon some old photos from the 70s of folks hanging out in the backyard. The photos were tucked (by accident, I'm guessing) inside the drawer liner of one of the kitchen cabinets. So keep looking!